The BIG Talks

At Skill theatre, we are highly convinced that multiple expert minds together can create a revolution in education, making an impact in the entire education community. The smallest thoughts you share here will drive the entire education community to think big. We believe your thoughts will be valuable and instill revolutionary ideas in practitioners. All speakers at ‘The Big Talks’ are speaking voluntarily, laying out the basis for a movement that wants to bring about a global shift in education. If you think you are a changemaker, excited to share your thoughts with the world, join us. Let’s together be the reason for such a change. Please use this link to register your details

Are you a changemaker in education?Are you excited to share your thoughts with the world?.Then you are at the right place.We would love to invite you to appear as a guest speaker at ‘The Big Talks’ – a global series of interviews for the upliftment of the education community in line with the world-renowned educators. We designed this community space to expand learning by joining with inspiring personalities like you. Students, parents, teachers, and educators host and run the show.

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